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Q & A with Peter Charles Gibson, author of Made in Chinatown

Q & A with Peter Charles Gibson, author of Made in Chinatown

Peter Charles Gibson’s Made in Chinatown was published in March this year. The book delves into a little-known aspect of Australia’s past: its hundreds of Chinese furniture factories. We caught up with Peter to ask him a few questions about his motivations for writing the book, its significance and his writing process.

Q & A with Denise Varney, author of Patrick White’s Theatre

Colour photograph of two actors in a 21st century production of Patrick White's The Ham Funeral.

Denise Varney is Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of Melbourne, where she teaches Australian theatre and performance, and modern and contemporary drama. Her new book, Patrick White’s Theatre: Australian Modernism on Stage, 1960–2018, explores how White’s plays have been staged and received over a period of 60 years, and offers a new analysis of his place in wider Australian modernist and theatrical traditions.

Image: a production of The Ham Funeral by Patrick White, State Theatre Company of South Australia. 

Q & A with Melissa Kennedy, editor of A Land in Between

A young woman with light brown hair wearing brown-and-blue checkered shirt and jeans covered in dirt, is shown excavating with a trovel. She is shown seated on the edge of the trench and looking down.

Melissa Kennedy is a Research Associate at the University of Western Australia for the Project Aerial Archaeology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She is the editor of A Land in Between: The Orontes Valley in the Early Urban Age, a book which documents the material culture and socio-political relationships of the Orontes Valley and its neighbours from the fourth through to the second millennium BCE (photo from the author archives).

Q & A with David Brooks, author of Animal Dreams

Q & A with David Brooks, author of Animal Dreams
David Brooks is a poet, novelist, short fiction writer and essayist. He has taught literature at various Australian universities and is honorary as...

Q & A with Teya Brooks Pribac, author of Enter the Animal

Photo of the heads of Teya and Orpheus-Pumpkin, the sheep. Teya is holding her book Enter the Animal with a photo of sheep's head on the cover. The book obscures most of Teya's head, leaving eyes and the arm visible.

Teya Brooks Pribac, PhD, is an independent scholar and multidisciplinary artist. In Enter the Animal, she examines academic and popular discourse on animals’ experiences of grief and spirituality.

Q & A with Peter Li, author of Animal Welfare in China

On a paved footpath, a white fluffy dog sits next to a man who has crouched down to pat him. The man (author Peter Li) wears a blue sports coat, cream pants and running shoes.
Peter Li is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Houston-Downtown. In Animal Welfare in China: Culture, Politics and Cris...

Q & A with Rowena Lennox, author of Dingo Bold

Q & A with Rowena Lennox, author of Dingo Bold

Rowena Lennox has worked as a book editor for many years and is an adjunct research fellow at the Australian Centre for Public History at the University of Technology Sydney. Her first book, Fighting Spirit of East Timor, won a New South Wales Premier’s History Award. Her second book, Dingo Bold, was published in January 2021.