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Sydney Publishing

Q & A with Nikole Evans, Publishing Intern

A photo of Nikole Evans

Nikole Evans has been working with Sydney University Press over the past three months, first as an intern and now as a marketing assistant. She has a BA in French and Art History and is just about to complete her Master of Publishing at the University of Sydney. In her spare time you’ll find her reading fantasy, talking about fantasy, or talking about reading fantasy.

Q & A with Elise Menzies, Publishing Intern

Photo of Elise Menzies

Elise Menzies has been part of the SUP team from April to June. She has since finished her Master of Publishing degree and has gone travelling. She is now based in London.

Q & A with Ruby Mikolaitis, Publishing Intern

A photo of Ruby Mikolaitis

Ruby Mikolaitis has been part of the SUP team from mid-March to mid-April. She is currently in her third year of a double degree (Bachelor of Communications and Media/Bachelor of Arts) and specialising in three majors including English Literature.