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Anzac Day reading from SUP

Anzac Day commemorations will look very different this year, as traditional gatherings are cancelled and people stay home to stop the spread of cov...

April new releases: Pilbara archaeology and neglected Anzac histories

In April we publish two exciting new books, both exploring aspects of Australia's past that resonate today. In Crafting Country, Caroline Bird and ...

Update on SUP website orders during the COVID-19 outbreak

Collage of SUP covers
The Sydney University Press team are currently working from home, but continuing to work on bringing you great books. If you're interested in buying any of our titles, please note that all of our books are available in Australian and New Zealand bookshops, courtesy of our distributor NewSouth Books and ADS. They have plenty of stock, and many bookshops will deliver!

Books, poems, and other great free reading

Books, poems, and other great free reading
We’ve compiled some of our favourite free online reading materials, from our own open access collection and from around the world. From history to great Australian poetry to classic children’s picture books, we hope you find something to add to your reading pile.

Sydney Studies in Australian Literature hits 10!

The publication of Anthony Uhlmann’s edited collection of essays, Gerald Murnane: Another World in This One, in March 2020 marks the tenth title to appear in the Sydney University Press Studies in Australian Literature series. This is a landmark event that is worthy of celebration.

10 steps for book publishing

10 steps for book publishing
So you want to publish a book! Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself before you embark on your endeavour.

SUP has signed the ABC’s Charter for Accessible Publishing

By Agata Mrva-Montoya

We are delighted to become a signatory of Accessible Books Consortium’s Charter for Accessible Publishing.

By signing the charter, we are committed to making our books fully accessible to all users.

From the launch of 'Christina Stead and the Matter of America'

Front cover image of Christina Stead and the Matter of AmericaThe following is a transcript of a talk given by Brigid Rooney at the launch of Christina Stead and the Matter of America by Fiona Morrison on 6 December 2019.

I’m thrilled to launch Fiona’s wonderful book Christina Stead and the Matter of America, published with Sydney University Press (what an apt occasion to celebrate yet another excellent Sydney Studies in Australian Literature title).

Firing a cannonball in open textbook publishing

Brick wall with an outline of the government house towers.

By Agata Mrva-Montoya

On Friday 29 November we launched our first open textbook, the result of a pilot project that we started in 2017, when we first became interested in engaging with the educational sphere. We wanted to find out whether there was interest among academics in producing open educational resources, and what resources were required to publish them.

Intertwinements: writing about birds, writing about the planet

By Joshua Lobb

My novel is about many things. I’ve called it ‘a novel in twelve stories’ for a reason.

To give you the simplest framework:

Cover of the Flight of Birds

It’s made up of 12 related stories. Each story describes an encounter with a different species of bird. Some are constantly in our lives, like kookaburras in our garden or magpies who swoop us on our way to work. Others are on the verge of extinction, like the Gould’s petrel whose breeding ground is limited to one small island off the coast of central NSW. Some birds become part of our family, like a pet budgie. Others are incorporated in more literal and violent ways, like a factory-farmed chicken on our plate at dinner.

One the other side of the encounter is a human at various stages of his life: a boy, a young man, a parent, a widower – but not necessarily in that order. He’s trying to piece together his life and his relationship with his daughter and his relationship with the world around him.

At Last, The Broad Arrow!


Portrait of Amanda Lohrey.

The following is a transcript of a talk given by Amanda Lohrey at the launch of The Broad Arrow: Being Passages from the History of Maida Gwynnham, a Lifer by Oliné Keese, with a critical introduction by Jenna Mead on 14 June 2019.

By Amanda Lohrey

Q & A with Nikole Evans, Publishing Intern

A photo of Nikole Evans

Nikole Evans has been working with Sydney University Press over the past three months, first as an intern and now as a marketing assistant. She has a BA in French and Art History and is just about to complete her Master of Publishing at the University of Sydney. In her spare time you’ll find her reading fantasy, talking about fantasy, or talking about reading fantasy.