The Archaeology of Kythera

Timothy E. Gregory and Lita Tzortsopoulou-Gregory

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Format: hardback
416 pages
ISBN: 9780958026567

Publication: 01 Nov 2015

Publisher: Meditarch

The Archaeology of Kythera is the only handbook to the history of the Greek island of Kythera ever written. The book is co-authored by Professor Timothy E. Gregory (Ohio State University, USA) and Dr Lita Tzortsopoulou-Gregory (Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens), who have decades of experience working and living on the island. Together they direct the Australian Paliochora-Kythera Archaeological Survey. This book, which covers the material culture and history of the island from Neolithic times until the modern era, is the result of years of research and reflects the deep familiarity and rapport its authors have with Kythera.

Lita Tzortsopoulou-Gregory is Executive Officer at the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens.

Timothy E. Gregory is Professor at Ohio State University (USA)

Preface and Forewords

  • Preface
  • Foreword I (by Stavros Paspalas)
  • Foreword II (by Aris Tsaravopoulos)

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Goals, Organization, and Structure of the Book
  • Archaeological Approaches, Methods, and Theory
  • A Note on Transliteration of Greek

Chapter 2: Background

  • The Geography and Geology of Kythera
  • Archaeological Fieldwork and Research on Kythera
  • Archaeological Research on Modern-period Kythera
  • Kythera in Ancient Mythology and in the Accounts of Western Travellertsand Myth

Chapter 3: A Short Archaeological History of Kythera

  • Prehistory
  • Antiquity
  • The Middle Ages and the Venetian Period
  • Period of Transition and British Rule, 1797–1864
  • Union with Greece to the Present
  • Chapter 4: The East-Central Part of the Island

    • Paliopoli
    • Paliokastro
    • Avlemonas
    • Dragonares
    • A. Georgios sto Vouno

    Chapter 5: The Southern Part of the Island, Livadi to Chora
    Chapter 6: The West of the Island, Mylopotamos and the West Coast
    Chapter 7: The Centre of the Island, Mitata and Nearby Areas
    Chapter 8: The North-Central Part of the Island, Potamos and Paliochora

    Chapter 9: The North and North-western Part of the Island

    • Karavas
    • The Area North of Karavas
    • The East Coast
    • North-western Kythera

    Chapter 10: Antikythera


    • A. Historical Timetable of Kythera
    • B. The Archaeological Museum of Kythera
    • C. Archaeological Objects from Kythera other than those kept in the Archaeological Museum of Kythera
    • D. The Pre-modern Road System of Kythera
    • E. Recent Discoveries in Kythera and Antikythera, by Aris Tsaravopoulos
      • Glossary

    Format: hardback
    416 pages
    ISBN: 9780958026567
    Publication: 01 Nov 2015