The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia, Vol. 49

Special Issue: Gender in Asian Society and Culture, 2017

Edited by Lily Xiao Hong Lee and Sue Wiles

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Format: paperback
359 pages
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Publication: 31 Jul 2018

Publisher: The Oriental Society of Australia

The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia (JOSA) has been published annually since 1960 out of what is now the School of Languages & Cultures at the University of Sydney. A peer-reviewed journal, it carries papers in a range of disciplines, including literature, history, linguistics, archaeology, media, philosophy and politics, as well as substantial book reviews. Initially concentrated on China and Japan, in recent years its regional cover has expanded to include Korea, India, Tibet and South-East Asia.

Lily Xiao Hong Lee is an honorary associate professor of Chinese studies at the University of Sydney.


  • A.R.Davis Memorial Lecture, 2017
    Takeuchi’s Lu Xun/China’s Takeuchi, by Jon Eugene von Kowallis
  • Gender in Asian Culture and Society, by Lily Xiao Hong Lee and Sue Wiles
  • Han Fei’s Views on Women’s Rationality, by Barbara Hendrischke
  • Divorcing North and South: Gender, Poetry and Politics in Early Medieval China by Qiaomei Tang
  • From Courtesans to Literati: ci Poetry and the Yunyao ji, by Lily Xiao Hong Lee
  • Representations of Emperor Wu Zetian in Ming–Qing Fiction: Ruyijun zhuan and Jinghua yuan, by Tin Kei Wong
  • A Hundred Sons and a Thousand Grandsons: Gender Bias in the Water Dragon Classic, by Michael John Paton
  • The Forgotten Component in Women’s Literary Culture: Maids in Ming–Qing Women’s Writing by Yanning Wang
  • Jinangnan Women Seeking Literary Legitimacy in High Qing, by NG Mei Kwan
  • Women’s Voices from ‘Our Homeland’: Fujian Women’s Local Identity and Identity Politics, by Guotong Li
  • Defining a Culture: Women and Okinawa, by Hugh Clarke
  • The Cultural Forms of the Everyday: Domestic Modernity in the Short Stories of Ling Shuhua (1900–1990), by Yiyan Wang
  • Crossing Boundaries: Gender, Ideology and National Identity in War Reportage by Japanese Women Writers, by Stefano Romagnoli
  • The “Curse of Eguchi”: “Prostitute–nes” between Sexual Slavery and Agency in eguchi suieki (1981) by Saegusa Kazuko, by Daniela Moro
  • Female Sexuality and Subjectivity in Wang Anyi’s Fiction, Ruttapond Swanpitak

Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 18 mm
359 pages
ISBN: placeholder
Publication: 31 Jul 2018