Advances in Australasian Archaeology

Advances in Australasian Archaeology publishes significant research into the archaeology of Australia and adjacent regions – particularly the archaeology of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people during both prehistoric and contact periods. The series focuses on publishing original research of national and international interest that plays a central role in developing new understandings of Australia’s human past and teaching the next generation of archaeologists. Books in the series reflect the diversity of approaches that construct our knowledge of ancient Australia as well as of South-East Asia and Oceania, including regional and continental syntheses of past behaviours, reports on excavations and regional surveys, and expositions/manuals describing new methods and theories.

The series was established as a way to enhance the quality and profile of research and teaching in Indigenous archaeology throughout Australia and its neighbours. The books published in the series enhance our knowledge of the pre-contact past of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. To this end we focus on the publication of high quality investigations that facilitate and encourage the growth of knowledge about Aboriginal and Islander Australia prior to European contact.

Series Editor

Professor Peter Hiscock (University of Wollongong and University of Queensland)

Editorial Board

Dr Josephine McDonald (University of Western Australia)
Associate Professor Chris Clarkson (University of Queensland)
Dr Patrick Faulkner (University of Sydney)
Professor Simon Holdaway (Auckland University)
Dr Zenobia Jacobs (University of Wollongong)
Professor Ian J. McNiven (Monash University)
Professor Mary C. Stiner (University of Arizona and Arizona State Museum)
Professor Timothy Taylor (University of Vienna)


Authors are invited to discuss potential titles for the series with the series editors, or Naomi van Groll.

To submit a proposal, please refer to our submission guidelines.