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Enter the Animal

Cross-species perspectives on grief and spirituality

Teya Brooks Pribac

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Format: paperback

ISBN: 9781743327395
Publication: 01 Feb 2021
Series: Animal Publics
Publisher: Sydney University Press

Historically, grief and spirituality have been jealously guarded as uniquely human attributes, and despite nonhuman animal grief having been admitted into scholarly discourse in recent times, the potency of the feeling has not been recognised as equal to human grief. In both academic and popular discussion, considerations of grief and spirituality in nonhuman animals continue to be tainted by anthropocentric philosophical questions, failing to recognise the significance of the more fundamental psychobiological processes involved.

In Enter the Animal, Teya Brooks Pribac examines the discourse on grief and spirituality, especially the vast and growing body of knowledge about intersubjective attachment and loss and the shaping of human and non-human animals’ experiential realities. A valuable addition to the vibrant interdisciplinary conversation about animal subjectivity, Enter the Animal identifies conceptual and methodological approaches that have contributed to the prejudice against nonhuman animals, and offers a strong, compelling theoretical base for the consideration of grief and spirituality across species, as well as highlighting important ethical implications for human treatment of other animals

Dr Teya Brooks Pribac has a background in literature and linguistics. She works as a freelance translator and in animal advocacy between Australia and Europe, engages in different visual and verbal art forms as a hobbyist. She completed her PhD on animal grief at the University of Sydney, though her research interests extend to other aspects of emotions as well as to spirituality in human and nonhuman animals.





1: Animal subjectivity           

2: Intersubjective attachment and loss

3: Cross-cultural grief matters                       

4: Spiritual animal                 

5: Grief at a distance: humans grieving unknown nonhuman animals

Coda: The precarious way ahead





Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 13 mm
ISBN: 9781743327395
Publication: 01 Feb 2021
Series: Animal Publics