Indigenous Music Language and Performing Arts

The many forms of Australia’s Indigenous music have ancient roots, huge diversity and global reach. The Indigenous Music, Language and Performing Arts series aims to stimulate discussion and development of the field of Australian Indigenous music (including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music) in both subject matter and approach. Proposals are welcomed for studies of traditional and contemporary performing arts (including dance), popular music, art music, experimental and new media, as well as theoretical, analytical, interdisciplinary and practice-based research. Where relevant, print publications may be supplemented by online or audiovisual media.

Series Editor

Dr Myfany Turpin (University of Sydney)

Editorial Board

Professor Linda Barwick (University of Sydney)
Dr Clint Bracknell (University of Sydney)
Professor Aaron Corn (University of Adelaide)
Dr Payi Linda Ford (Charles Darwin University)
Dr Sally Anne Treloyn (University of Melbourne)
Professor Jakelin Troy (University of Sydney)

Authors are invited to discuss potential titles for the series with the series editors, or Jo Lyons.

To submit a proposal, please refer to our submission guidelines.