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Public and Social Policy Series

Public and social policies fundamentally affect societies and individuals and reflect the efforts of governments to introduce change and resolve problems, sometimes in consultation and at other times in competition with non-governmental actors.

The Public and Social Policy series encourages two kinds of book submissions: first, the exploration of policy processes including policy design, implementation and/or evaluation as well as public administration and the politics of policy making; second, the analysis of individual arms, branches or areas of public and social policy.

The series publishes works that are conceptual and grounded in solid theoretical frameworks and encourages submissions that pose challenging questions about public and social policy. These books may reflect the methodological plurality of the various policy-relevant fields. National, comparative, international and global perspectives are welcome.

Series Editor

Associate Professor Gaby Ramia (University of Sydney)

Editorial Board

Professor John Alford (Honorary Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne)
Associate Professor Evelyn Z. Brodkin (University of Chicago)
Professor Michele Ford (University of Sydney)
Associate Professor Susan Goodwin (University of Sydney)
Emeritus Professor Russell Lansbury (University of Sydney)
Dr Majella Kilkey (University of Sheffield)
Dr Stefan Kühner (Lingnan University, Hong Kong, University of York)
Professor Allan McConnell (University of Sydney)
Professor Gabrielle Meagher (Macquarie University)
Professor Janine O’Flynn (University of Melbourne)
Professor Joakim Palme (Uppsala University)
Professor Simon Tormey (University of Sydney)

Authors are invited to discuss potential titles for the series with the series editors, or Susan Murray.

To submit a proposal, please refer to our submission guidelines.