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The University of Sydney Writers Journal 2008/09

Editor-in-chief Rebecca Santos

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Format: paperback
166 pages
ISBN: 9781920899332

Publication: 30 Mar 2009

Publisher: Sydney University Press

This third incarnation of Phoenix is loosely themed on writing and is designed to bring our readers enjoyment, inspiration, and insight into others' creative processes. The University of Sydney Writers' Society is immensely proud of its annual anthology, but we are aware that publication is merely a single gear in the literary engine.

For the first time, extracts of early drafts and editorial reflections have been included to expose the private considerations of the artist and sometimes secretive editorial practices. Readers will also find a selection of short stories, poetry and non-fiction including interviews with prominent figures in Australian literature, such as Judith Beveridge and John Tranter.

However, the Writers' Society urges readers to remember that Phoenix is more than the sum of its parts. This journal is to us a kind of alchemy that preserves the promise of young writers, transforming the transient into the enduring. The theme of writing has made us very conscious of what motivates us to publish. Whether right or wrong in our belief, we compiled this anthology with the confidence that beauty is as profound as wisdom.

Rebecca Santos

1. Sydney taxi
Patrick Mountford
2. Beer and watermelon
Suzanne Brown
3. Four seasons in the lighthouse
Harriet Wescott
4. Things in her room
Emily Frankel, Sara Eileen Hames, Libby Lin and Jennifer Min
5. Alexandra and Josef
Pip Smith
6. Them Caribbean winds
Marcus Olsson
7. Written
Sara Eileen Hames
8. The replacement
Siang Lu

9. Sister
Joanne Grien
10. Lie thuthfully
Belle Ling
11. Sunday roast
Joanne Grien
12. Accents
Cathy Bray
13. Poem about Lynn
Libby Lin
14. Thunder in the mountain brews
Ben Daroczy
15. Nasturtiums
Jane Connors
16. Home
Tessa Lunney
17. Sunday school
Denieal Williams
18. I sometimes think
Jenefer Reed
19. Sunset over Marrickville
Tessa Lunney
20. My lethe
Pip Smith
21. Paper nautilus shell
Fiona Howie
22. In the kitchen
Jane Connors
23. ‘Flavour is memory’
Jane Connors
24. Free the verses
Jonno Seidler
25. He is like direction
Sara Eileen Hames
26. Airbound
Lyn Vellins
27. The five year fix
Sara Eileen Hames
28. She loves me like a rock
Lyn Vellins

29. Editors’ roundtable
Rebecca Santos
30. Judith Beveridge
Gabriel Ignacio Dain

31. Are you on crack?
Cathy Bray
32. Reading on reading
Marc Mierowsky
33. On storytelling: why do we write?
Marcus Olsson
34. Rewrite: starting from scratch
Hannah Lee


Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 10 mm
166 pages
13 b&w illustrations
ISBN: 9781920899332
Publication: 30 Mar 2009