The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia, Vol. 48


Edited by Rosita Holenbergh

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Format: paperback
235 pages
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Publication: 10 Feb 2017

Publisher: The Oriental Society of Australia

The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia (JOSA) has been published annually since 1960 out of what is now the School of Languages & Cultures at the University of Sydney. A peer-reviewed journal, it carries papers in a range of disciplines, including literature, history, linguistics, archaeology, media, philosophy and politics, as well as substantial book reviews. Initially concentrated on China and Japan, in recent years its regional cover has expanded to include Korea, India, Tibet and South-East Asia.


  • In Memoriam - Margaret Tudor South, Richard T. Phillips
  • A.R.Davis Memorial Lecture, 2016
    Caste, Nation and Modernity: Indian Nationalism's Unresolved Dilemma, Sekhar Bandyopadhyay
  • Address at the 70th Anniversary Dinner of the Society, 2016
    In search of love and truth, A.J.(Jack) Harris
  • Chinese museums from 1974 to the present day, Joanna Capon
  • The Prince who loved England: Chula Chakrabongse in mid-twentieth-century Britain, Ying-Kit Chan
  • Linguet's La Pierre Philosophale: an enlightenment fable of the sparrows and the caterpillars, Freerk Heule
  • Emily Eden Collection of Sasanian, Kushano-Sasanian, Kidarite and Indo-Sasanian type coins (British Museum, London), Pratipal Bhatia

Satire and offence in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong, 22nd Australasian Humour Studies Network Conference, 608 February 2015, Selected Papers

  • Introduction, Jessica Milner Davis
  • 'Sarcasm might be entertaining but it doesn't solve our national problems': What happens when a Malaysian politician plays the fool, Chen Khin-Wee
  • Cantonese xiehouyu: sardonicism in a regional culture under threat, Jocelyn Chey
  • 'Push me, pull you': the complex relations of audiences, censorship and satirical political theatre in Malaysia and Indonesia, Ann Lee

Book reviews

  • Kerry Brown Berkshire dictionary of Chinese biography, volume 4, by Edmund Capon
  • Jocelyn Chey and Jessica Milner Davis (eds) Humour in Chinese life and letters: classical and traditional approaches, and, Jessica Milner Davis and Jocelyn Chey (eds) Humour in Chinese life and culture: resistance and control in modern times, by Yingjie Guo
  • Frederick C. Teiwes and Warren Sun Paradoxes of post-Mao rural reform: initial steps toward a new Chinese countryside 1976-1981, by Kerry Brown
  • Judith Shapiro China's environmental challenges, 2nd edition, by Michael John Paton
  • David Brophy Uyghur Nation: reform and revolution on the Russia-China frontier, by Bruce Doar
  • Mohammed Farghal and Ali Almanna Contextualizing translation theories: aspects of Arabic-English interlingual communication, M.G. Carter
  • Addendum to the review of Contextualizing translation theories, Mohammed Farghal

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235 pages
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ISBN: placeholder
Publication: 10 Feb 2017