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Willow Catkins

Festschrift for Dr Lily Xiao Hong Lee on the occasion of her 75th birthday

Edited by Shirley Chan, Barbara Hendrischke, and Sue Wiles

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Format: paperback
444 pages
ISBN: 9780959226911

Publication: 11 Jun 2014

Publisher: The Oriental Society of Australia

Dr Lily Xiao Hong Lee has been a leading figure in global studies of women in China for many decades. Her research has informed that of the contributors to this festschrift but also of many other students and scholars around the world. There would be no researcher of any note in the area of women in China who has not made repeated use of her work. The chapters collected in this current volume focus on the big questions of China, gender, women, text and history, reflecting the focus of her own work over many decades.

Foreword Louise Edwards
序 Foreword 吳中傑 Wu Zhongjie
Editors’ note
Tabula gratulatoria
Publications and presentations of Lily Xiao Hong Lee
  • As the crickets stridulate: Texts and textual weaving in the ‘Ballad of Mulan’ Timothy Wai Keung Chan
  • Wang Yuansun’s preface to Liang Duan’s edition of the Lienü zhuan: An annotated translation Anne Behnke Kinney
  • Chastity, suicide, art and history: Changing conceptions of female remarriage in early medieval Shu J Michael Farmer
  • Collections of birthday greetings and bereavement messages published in honor of women in late imperial and Republican China Clara Wing-chung Ho
  • Searching deep in my belly for a story of passion: Sexual transgression in Wu folk epics Anne E McLaren
  • Women and textual production in late imperial China Ellen Widmer
  • 從蕉園詩社窺探蘇浙婦女詩羣的轉型
    Cong jiaoyuan shishe kuitan Su–Zhe funü shiqun de zhuanxing 吳美筠 Ng Mei Kwan
  • Women and power: The changing status of women Priscilla Ching-Chung
  • Women entrepreneurs in Qiongshan, Hainan Island: Gender, new opportunities and refuge David S G Goodman
  • Gao Xingjian’s portrayal of female perspectives on male–female relationships Mabel Lee
  • Prohibition of infanticide in the Scripture on great peace Barbara Hendrischke
  • The Daoist aunt: Xu Baoguang Sue Wiles
  • Light after dark: Artificial illumination in the Six Dynasties period—Lamps Albert E Dien
  • 女性身體與神聖信仰以敦煌文獻為研究中心
    Nüxing shenti yu shensheng xinyang yi Dunhuang wenxian wei yanjiu zhongxin 徐曉麗 Xu Xiaoli
  • Fu Zi 婦子, Shang woman warrior, revisited Elizabeth Childs-Johnson
  • Cultural diplomacy and Australia–China cultural relations Jocelyn Chey
  • 回歸五四:中國文學的出路 Huigui wusi: Zhongguo wenxue de chulu 吳中傑 Wu Zhongjie
  • 道術必為天下裂﹐語文尚待彌縫者—中國現代學術的 語言認同 Daoshu bi wei tianxia lie, yuwen shangdai mifengzhe—Zhongguo xiandai xueshu de yuyan rentong 郜元寶 Gao Yuanbao

Format: paperback
Size: 250 × 176 × 25 mm
444 pages
Copyright: © 2014
ISBN: 9780959226911
Publication: 11 Jun 2014