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Meditarch Supplement 4 (1993)

The Walls of Jerusalem

G.J. Wightman

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Format: hardback
373 pages
ISBN: 9780646160085
Publication: 01 Dec 1993

Publisher: Meditarch

This book is the first comprehensive investigation of Jerusalem’s fortifications. It is divided into three parts: see Table of Contents.

Part I - The Canaanite and Israelite Cities

  • The Canaanite towns
  • The Royal Israelite Citadel
  • Late Isrealite Expansion
  • Nehemiah's Walls

Part II - The Hellenistic and Herodian Cities

  • Walls of the Eastern Hill
  • The Upper City and the 'First Wall'
  • The 'Third' and 'Second' Walls
  • Chronological Development

Part III - The Christian and Muslim Cities

  • From Pagan Roman to Christian Byzantine
  • Arrival of Islam
  • The Latin Kingdom
  • Crusades and Holy Wars

'This is the first comprehensive investigation of the fortification of the Holy City, and its scope is matched by its thoroughness. The depth and detail of the synthesis is unique...W. has made a masterful and enduring contribution to our understanding of the extremely complex history of the walls of Jerusalem. This book is indispensable.'
J. Murphy-O'Connor   Revue Biblique

Format: hardback
373 pages
Copyright: © 1993
ISBN: 9780646160085
Publication: 01 Dec 1993