The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia, Vol. 43

2011–Australasian Sanskrit Conference Special Issue

Edited by Sue Wiles

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204 pages
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Publication: 05 Mar 2013

Publisher: The Oriental Society of Australia

The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia (JOSA) has been published annually since 1960 out of what is now the School of Languages & Cultures at the University of Sydney. A peer-reviewed journal, it carries papers in a range of disciplines, including literature, history, linguistics, archaeology, media, philosophy and politics, as well as substantial book reviews. Initially concentrated on China and Japan, in recent years its regional cover has expanded to include Korea, India, Tibet and South-East Asia.


  • A. R. Davis Memorial Lecture, 2010.
    Voices from the north: linguistic connections between Asia and Aboriginal Australia, Michael Walsh

  • Australasian sanskrit conference special issue
    Introduction, Jennifer Cover
  • Karma and karmavipaka in early buddhist avadana literature, Chris Clark
  • The world of appearances: a perspective from eighteenth-century India, Jennifer Cover
  • Field work on the kula ritual in Orissa, John R. Dupuche
  • Spoken Sanskrit in a gujarat ashram, Patrick McCartney
  • Beyond free and literal: translating a Buddhist text (bodhicaryavatarapanjika) from Sanskrit, Barbara Nelson
  • The idea of Hindu law, Purushottama Bilimoria
  • Oral performance of ancient texts: presenting stories to contemporary audiences, C. R. Ananth Rao
  • Jhulelal, gorakhnath and the Hhindu sindhi diaspora, Anita C. Ray
  • The prasannakatha: a contribution to contemporary Sanskrit poetry, Chris Clark
  • Book reviews
  • About the contributors

Format: paperback
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204 pages
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ISBN: placeholder
Publication: 05 Mar 2013