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Water Wind Art and Debate

How environmental concerns impact on disciplinary research

Edited by Gavin Birch

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Format: paperback
446 pages
ISBN: 9781920898656
Publication: 12 Oct 2007

Publisher: Sydney University Press

Read online: Open access

The Australian community has become increasingly concerned about environmental issues, resulting in the Australian government placing a higher priority on global warming and climate change. This unique compilation, Water, Wind, Art and Debate highlights current research across a variety of Humanities and Science disciplines.

Gavin Birch is an associate professor in environmental geology at the University of Sydney.


Part 1
Legal and political issues
1. A slow burn: the emergence of climate change law in Australia
Tim Stephens
2. Global warming and discourses of uncertainty: buying time, buying business and engendering risk
Stuart Rosewarne
3. State of the environment reporting by local government: Australian evidence on compliance and content
Rosina Mladenovic and Sandra van der Laan
4. Framing responsibility: global firms’ environmental motivations
John Mikler
5. Economising water: the changing status of water in the political economy
Danielle Spruyt

Part 2
Scientific viewpoints
6. Management of water resources under uncertainty: what does the future hold?
R. Willem Vervoort
7. A short geological and environmental history of the Sydney estuary, Australia
Gavin Birch
8. Energy from offshore wind: an overview
Dong-Sheng Jeng and Yun Zheng
9. Household environmental pressure from consumption: an Australian environmental atlas
Christopher Dey, Charles Berger, Barney Foran, Miles Foran, Rowena Joske, Manfred Lenzen and Richard Wood

Part 3
Community issues
10. Civilising nature: museums and the environment
Jennifer Barrett and Phil McManus
11. Not just a pretty picture: art as ecological communication
Catriona Moore
12. Framing the debate: an analysis of the Australian Government’s 2006 nuclear energy campaign
Gabrielle Higgins, Catherine Maggs, Mathew McKenzie, Eike Christian Meuter and Erin Semon


Format: paperback
Size: 210 × 148 × 26 mm
446 pages
29 colour illustrations and 63 b&w illustrations
ISBN: 9781920898656
Publication: 12 Oct 2007