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The Life of Quong Tart

Margaret (Mrs Quong) Tart

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Format: paperback
114 pages
ISBN: 9781920897802

Publication: 22 Jul 2004
Series: SUP Classics
Publisher: Sydney University Press

Quong Tart (Mei Guangda, 1850-1903) was born in Guangdong province and migrated with his uncle to Australia in 1859. After working on the goldfields he established a tea trading business and opened a chain of tea rooms in Sydney. He became the leading merchant and trader with China in 19th century Australia, and also a local community leader and philanthropist with established connections with political and social elites. He was a well-known and respected figure despite anti-Chinese attitudes and there was widespread shock when he was attacked and robbed in his Queen Victoria Building rooms. In 1886 Quong Tart married Margaret Scarlett who compiled, edited and composed the biographical account of his life in The Life of Quong Tart originally published in 1911.

Mrs Quong Tart (Margaret Scarlett) (1865-1916) was an Australian school teacher, originally from Lancashire, who married Chinese tea merchant and community leader, Quong Tart.

Author’s introduction

  1. Summary of life
  2. Marriage
  3. Business man
  4. Public benefactor
  5. Work on behalf of the Chinese (general outline)
  6. Views and work on the suppression of opium
  7. Sportsman
  8. Humorous remarks by him and about him
  9. Complimentary letters and addresses received by him
  10. Murderous assault on him and citizens sympathy with him
  11. Names of contributors to the public testimonial
  12. Death and funeral


Format: paperback
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114 pages
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ISBN: 9781920897802
Publication: 22 Jul 2004
Series: SUP Classics