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Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women: the Qing Period 1644-1911

The Chinese Edition

Edited by Lily Xiao Hong Lee

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Format: paperback
330 pages
ISBN: 9781920899516

Publication: 21 Sep 2010

Publisher: Sydney University Press

This Chinese edition of the Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women, edited by Lily Xiao Hong Lee and assisted by Ms Yuk Ping Chan, is published in full Chinese characters.

This volume provides biographical information on the lives, work and significance of over 200 Chinese women whose stories have influenced Chinese culture. These women come from various backgrounds and areas of interest including literature, painting, drama, embroidery, pottery, politics, science, religion and cuisine.

Lily Xiao Hong Lee is an honorary associate professor of Chinese studies at the University of Sydney.

Editor’s note
Chronological list of Qing Dynasty emperors
Finding list by background or fields of endeavor


Format: paperback
Size: 236 × 156 × 18 mm
330 pages
ISBN: 9781920899516
Publication: 21 Sep 2010